Since its inception in 2002, IDIM Construction, LLC has had a track record of excellence in aggressively addressing the needs and requirements of its customers. In its second year of operation, the company aggressively engaged the Acadiana market, realizing the need to be competitive and to properly deliver its expertise. From there, IDIM Construction, LLC "staffed up," acquiring (through purchase or rental) necessary equipment and attracting competent personnel to professionally deliver its service.

IDIM Construction, LLC has demonstrated in its history an exemplary ability to work harmoniously with other contractors, project managers, engineers, architects and developers on fast pace projects. It is through such concerted efforts that quality products are delivered in a timely fashion.

Through communication, in-the-field planning for every contingency, and the professional administration of its working assets, IDIM Construction, LLC has historically stayed ahead of the game in accelerating its work sequence. And they bring many other positives to the table which would affect the relationship you seek to establish. IDIM Construction, LLC takes this opportunity to reiterate the key components:

  • Professional administration
  • Harmonious working environment on all tiers of management, engineering, and other contractors
  • An absolute commitment to the critical path to job completion
  • IDIM's impeccable safety record (0 incidents) since its inception in June of 2002
  • Outstanding relationship with city inspectors and project engineers
  • Virtually no employee turnover from our competent and qualified long-term field employees
  • We operate a fleet of the finest equipment available.
  • Immediate mobilization

IDIM Construction, LLC has grown its business by developing harmony within the ranks, as is indicative by the longevity of our employees. We bring that same harmony to the job site in working with other contractors, engineers, inspectors, and other stakeholders.

An Entire Fleet

With over 70 pieces of equipment in our fleet, IDIM Construction, LLC is ready to mobilize when you are. Whether your job requires excavators, backhoes, tractors, trailers, stabilizers, motor grader, scraper pans, rollers, or other related equipment, IDIM Construction, LLC will be there to meet your every need. We operate some of the most modern and technologically-integrated grade control equipment. We also operate both Topcon and Trimble surveying systems affording us the capability of performing in-house surveying, layout, and accurate job mapping and recording.

Staying Ahead Of The Game

IDIM Construction, LLC understands its customers' needs and historically has stayed ahead of the game in accelerating its work sequence. We are very familiar with local codes and standards as pertinent to our work, hence we are prepared to help guide developers and constructors through the construction process as it pertains to our scope. We have our assets in place and are ready for immediate mobilization.